Pain Killer Profits: American Greed

Our prescriptions are written only for documented, medical purposes, at Elite Pain Management we are NOT legalized drug dealers.

We accept patients with Medicare and Medicaid as well as other commercial insurances. We are not a cash clinic – which is the business model for a “Pill Mill” and a clinic that has as its main focus profit and not the well-being of its patients. We are invested in our patients: making referrals to other providers who offer chiropractic, injections and other procedures. Furthermore, we offer Group Therapy on site to assist our patients with their coping skills.

Elite Pain Management does not give the same dosage of prescription drugs to all patients. We do not prescribe combinations of medications that can cause death-including narcotics, benzodiazepines and soma. Furthermore, all patients undergo an in depth medical evaluation so that we can find the cause of the pain. Thus, we treat the diagnosis – not just the symptoms.

We believe that …All Lives Matter – and are committed to helping every patient deal with their chronic diseases and addictions.

~ Dr. Tonkin.

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