Drug-Free Solutions to Headache and Migraine Pain

Approximately 4% of adults worldwide have headaches on 15 or more days each month, and one in four American households has someone suffering from migraines. These pain disorders can cause a variety of symptoms, including:

These symptoms can vary in severity, frequency, and duration. Unfortunately, some headache disorders can actually worsen from taking the medications designed to relieve them — so-called “rebound” headaches.. 

At Elite Pain Management and Recovery Centers, we understand how headache disorders can disrupt your life and impact your ability to function. That’s why our experienced team takes a holistic approach to developing a personalized treatment strategy without relying on medication alone. The first step is determining the cause of your headache so we can outline a plan to keep your symptoms under control.  

Understanding the cause of headaches and migraines

Our team doesn’t want to mask your headache symptoms; we want to stop them before they start. 

Chronic headaches can develop for many different reasons, from sustaining a head trauma to consuming certain foods or even taking specific medications. Women are also more likely to experience headache disorders because hormonal changes can play a role.

Additional causes of headache disorders include:

We often recommend keeping a headache journal to try to detect a pattern behind your headaches. 

Healthy lifestyle changes

One of the first steps to managing chronic headaches involves making the right lifestyle choices and managing your daily stress. These include incorporating regular exercise into your routine, consuming a healthy diet that avoids food triggers, and getting enough sleep. We also recommend practicing relaxation techniques, like mindfulness, meditation, or yoga.

On top of making healthy lifestyle changes, it’s also important to get your weight under control if you have extra pounds to lose. In addition, taking herbal or dietary supplements can improve your overall wellness by correcting nutritional imbalances. 

Complementary therapies

If you have chronic headaches, we highly recommend complementary therapies, like:

These techniques not only address physiological issues that can cause chronic headache pain, but they can also reduce tension, anxiety, and stress levels.

Mind-body therapies

In addition to complementary therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy can offer relief when it comes to managing chronic pain conditions. While these techniques don’t focus on healing the source of your pain, they can change how you react to the trigger(s), which can play a role in the severity and frequency of your headaches.

With locations in South Carolina, Missouri, Nevada, and Kansas, it’s easy to find drug-free solutions for headache and migraine pain. Schedule an appointment at Elite Pain Management and Recovery Centers by calling an office near you or by requesting a consultation online today.

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