Consider These Treatments for Your Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is a common problem. In fact, it impacts as many as 67% of Americans at some point in their lives. The shoulder joint allows the arm to move freely in many directions. Unfortunately, because the shoulder joint allows for such a wide range of motion, this can make the joint more susceptible to injury. 

Now for the good news. Shoulder pain doesn’t always require surgery. The most common cause of shoulder pain is tendonitis, a condition that develops when you have tendon irritation or swelling. Other causes of shoulder pain often include:

And depending on the circumstances, these issues may be treatable without surgery. At Elite Pain Management and Recovery Centers, our team offers highly effective and minimally invasive treatments for shoulder pain at each of our five locations, including our newest site in Las Vegas.


For mild to moderate shoulder pain caused by inflammation, we often start with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). We may recommend over-the-counter or prescription options, depending on the severity of your symptoms. We also might offer muscle relaxants to increase your comfort while you heal.

When reducing shoulder inflammation with medication, you should also rest your shoulder and avoid movements that could trigger or increase your discomfort.

Steroid injections

For more immediate relief, we may suggest steroid injections. Like NSAIDs, this therapy works by reducing inflammation. However, an injection allows us to deliver cortisone steroid medication directly to your pain site.

Steroid injections provide relief for several types of pain, including joint, muscle, and tendon problems. This versatility makes it highly effective for treating shoulder pain, and you can expect the medication to start working within a few hours or days.

In many cases, a steroid injection can provide pain relief for a month or two. However, your results may last longer if used in combination with other treatments, such as physical therapy.  We usually limit this type of therapy to 3-4 injections a year.

Nerve blocks

If your shoulder pain is associated with nerves, it could be time to try a nerve block. This form of injection therapy focuses on numbing the nerve causing your pain sensations. 

Unlike other shoulder injuries, nerve pain is typically sharp, radiating, or feels as though you have pins and needles in your shoulder. It’s also common to have weakness or numbness when trying to lift something, and your symptoms can run all the way down your arm, from your shoulder to your hand.

To manage these symptoms, we use special imaging to guide a needle to the specific nerves causing your pain. Then, we inject a numbing formula directly into the area to soothe the problematic nerves.

Not only are nerve blocks highly effective for pain management, but they also offer safer solutions than opioid drugs. 

Are you ready to find safe solutions for your shoulder pain? Book an appointment online or over the phone with Elite Pain Management and Recovery Centers today. We have five locations, including a new office in Las Vegas.

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