Our Friendly Front Desk Staff

Checking into Elite Pain Management is Fast and Friendly! You are greeted by staff who know you personally, and then the computerized questionnaire keeps your records up to date.

Witnessed Drug Screenings

“At Elite Pain Management all patients undergo witnessed drug screens. It is a fact that 1 out of 3 patients is either diverting or abusing their medication. We can have no part in that. And we have to make sure that our patients are doing the right thing – and that we are doing the right thing. Having a strict protocol that all patients must adhere to protects us and our patients and ensures that all patients are treated equally. ” ~ Dr. Tonkin

Dr. Tonkin Live on FOX TV

Dr. David Tonkin talks about the growing opioid abuse epidemic and how his practice in Myrtle Beach is working to end the addiction once and for all.

Chasing the Dragon

In an effort to help educate students and young adults about the dangers of opioid addiction, the FBI and DEA unveiled a documentary called Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict. The 45-minute film, whose title refers to the never-ending pursuit of the original or ultimate high, features stark first-person accounts told by individuals who have abused opioids or whose children have abused opioids, with tragic consequences.